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'Alesis Yamaha +Mixer' will produce all mixers from Alesis and all mixers from Yamaha). Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone. The Soloist series is known for its accuracy in intonation in all ranges and the ease of attack in the low Selmer (2) Selmer (2) Selmer Paris Featured Tenor Sax Mouthpieces JodyJazz DV Chicago Metal Tenor Sax Mouthpiece (Assorted Sizes) 0. 99. A top-quality professional level mouthpiece, the Selmer S80 Series for baritone saxophone is popular the world over. . Selmer – later I grew up on Selmer mouthpieces, the D in particular (same as HS**), which possesses an open tip and a medium-long facing. 4. Woodwind Mouthpieces WOODWIND MOUTHPIECES: SELMER (PARIS) CLARINET SOPRANO AND HARMONY CLARINET MOUTHPIECES Musicians appreciate and prefer the acoustical correctness of Selmer (Paris) mouthpieces and their consistency from one to another. by Paul D. Featured Alto Sax Mouthpieces Yamaha YAC1286 4C Alto Sax Mouthpiece . 1898 – Mouthpieces started to be made at 4, place Dancourt, Paris. The business grew rapidly and in 1924, the first Bach trumpets were produced. They are affected greatly by changes in humidity (weather) and are prone to cracking. Machined from hard rod rubber to assure stability, accuracy and consistent facings, these mouthpieces feature a square cross section in the chamber instead of the conventional arch. Single Reeds. Get the best deals on Selmer Professional Wind & Woodwind Instrument Mouthpieces when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. com. Both the S80 and S90 alto sax mouthpieces use a square tone chamber. Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone. Henri Selmer Paris company is an international family-owned enterprise, manufacturer of musical instruments based at Mantes-la-Ville near Paris, France. 72 . They are machined on a turning machine, then in a CNC. He plays Selmer Serie III tenor and Serie II soprano, both with Barone Hollywood mouthpieces with Alexander Superial DC reeds. 32 Pieces Mouthpiece Cushion 0. The only issue I have recommending them is that they’re mass produced and a lot come with flaws. Their shanks are too long and too thin to fit modern trumpets well. Click to Sort by Tag. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Shop and save on our amazing selection of Selmer Paris Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces at The Woodwind & Brasswind. With impeccable intonation, crisp and accurate articulation, and unrivaled response, Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces are preferred by professional clarinetists around the world. It has been around for a long time as it was manufactured in the 1950s, when Selmer was using some excellent post-war era rubber to produce their beautiful sounding mouthpieces. They are double-cup models in sizes from 1 to 5, maybe 6, with 1 being the smallest (never seen one, but logically it has to exist). Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. 4,500. More specifically, the Selmer S80 C* is generally regarded as one of the best choices for starting out on and even taking you to the next stage during your first year or two of playing. This article, by Clark Fobes, reedman@ix. All of the others, like each of my clarinets, were manufactured with a classical market in mind. 10 mm Tip Opening with a 23 mm facing length. Buy Selmer Saxophone Wind & Woodwind Instrument Mouthpieces and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items We provide professional repair and saxophone products for the serious saxophonist, from beginners to seasoned players. For many players, Bach "Standard" mouthpieces are the standard - and for good reason. An ideal mouthpiece for the classical player. While the S80 and S90 series mouthpieces feature a square throat separating the chamber from the bore, the Soloist utilizes an arched design. And they are exceptional in the 3rd register for projection, stability and fullness of tone. Even two different designs of mouthpieces with the same tip opening (Runyon 88 #5 and Selmer C**) will blow with different resistances and may require a harder or softer reed for best results. Back in the late 1970s I replaced my 1968 Selmer Signet tenor saxophone’s cheap plastic Brilhart mouthpiece with a Selmer C* mouthpiece and suddenly sounded much better. Mouthpiece Express : Brass & Woodwind Mouthpieces - Your source for Brass Mouthpieces, Mouthpiece Engraving, Gold & Silver Plating, Woodwind Mouthpieces, Finger Buttons, Trumpet Parts, Accessories, and more! Comparing Mouthpieces. You can see in the photos the similarity! The facing will need worked on and opened up to an enjoyable size (060-078 likely). Trumpet Mouthpieces; Tuba & Sousaphone Mouthpieces; Trombone Mouthpieces; Clarinet Mouthpieces; French Horn Mouthpieces; Saxophone Mouthpieces; Baritone & Euphonium Mouthpieces; Cornet Mouthpieces; Reeds. 0 (0 review) Read 0 Review. The Lelandais with your work is also wonderful. 6-009. The Selmer 7712 Goldentone #3 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is a brand name associated with good quality and durable student mouthpieces. For example, let us assume that in order to use the The floor can be close to the table or farther away, and the transition can be anything from a razor-sharp edge (vintage Dukoff “Stubby”) to a large wall (Selmer S80 mouthpieces). Buy Selmer Wind & Woodwind Instrument Mouthpieces and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing Charts This information was copied verbatim from the 1995/1996 price list of The Saxophone Shop Ltd, 2834 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201. Selmer . 00. For reference an “E” is equivalent to an Otto Link 5, and an H is equivalent to an Otto Link 7*. g. Mouthpieces + Ligatures. New High Pitch (442 Hz) Model. comes with ligature. Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of Alto Sax Mouthpieces in our shop. This is a great ensemble mouthpiece; it's so easy to blend and tune with this. A beautiful, focused tone, excellent intonation, and plenty of volume can be achieved with Selmer mouthpieces. Initially we will offer five models with more in the pipeline. You can see the Dukoff “Stubby” in this video here about vintage Dukoff mouthpieces. I have gathered together some frequently recommended (and some not so frequently) alto saxophone mouthpieces. Designed to provide musicians with the freedom and versatility required to play different genres, saxophone mouthpieces are typically divided into four different categories: tenor mouthpieces, alto mouthpieces, soprano mouthpieces, and baritone mouthpieces. $99. Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces have defined the ideal clarinet sound for decades. The “CP 100” is a very flexible mouthpiece, suitable for solo work as much as playing within an Orchestral section. Hours. The metal ring characteristic of Adolphe Sax's first mouthpieces and its cutaway  Learn more about the legendary Henri Selmer Paris mouthpieces for the clarinet and saxophone. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Selmer Paris Saxophone Mouthpieces at Guitar Center. Bach trumpet mouthpieces have been designed in an orderly progression from the largest to the smalle Monette Tradition PLUS Trumpet Mouthpiece Silver Plate $205. Henri Selmer Paris S80 Series Mouthpiece for Saxophone. I used Selmer mouthpieces up to about 5 years ago, until I started working with Michael Lomax who made my clarinet mouthpieces. 20K likes. Functionally there is very little difference between saxophone mouthpieces and clarinet mouthpieces. With these larger tip openings for jazz type mouthpieces a softer reed is usually required. For Selmer tenor mouthpieces, I would choose an F or even an E. In 1918, with the investment of $300 for a foot-operated lathe, Vincent Bach went into the business of making mouthpieces. Shop for Mouthpieces products online at Hoggtowne Music. I call them the Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces, and they are available for clarinets from E-flat through Contra Bass. 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1980s 2000+ Alto Baritone Berg Larsen Brilhart Brilhart 3 Band Buescher Clarinet Collectible Conn Dukoff Echobrass EchoMaster excellent condition Fresh Overhaul Gold Plate Great Deal Great Player Hiscox King Lacquer Ligature Mark VI Martin Meyer Mouthpiece new NYUSA Original Finish Original Lacquer Otto Link Rare Selmer Silver Plate Soprano Drake Mouthpieces is your top source for Handcrafted Sax Mouthpieces. Previous owner has owned it since the early 1970s and has not played it much for the past 40 years. Coming Back Soon This site is currently down for maintenance. Selmer (Paris) C85 mouthpieces bring a new sound to clarinets - a large sound, rich in low overtones, with a subtle blending of power and roundness. Explore our selection mouthpieces including the MoBa, CG Crystal, Eddie Daniels Classical, and more. Ralph served in WWII as a bomber pilot and when the War was over, went to work for The Selmer Company. Most mouthpiece comparisons you hear are not always the exact same piece of music, so here I have attempted to play the same phrases on each which should help you decide on the basic sound differences. Beautiful condition. At the obsessive hobby level, he runs a small jazz ensemble for bar gigs and bar mitzvahs and plays in jazz big bands. 03 mm tip opening. www. Dec 26, 2007 · I'm looking at mouthpieces online, considering getting myself one as I'm currently playing my teacher's old mouthpiece, due to mine being deemed too harsh. The Bob Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces for Trombone. Glass mouthpieces are extremely rare, especially among baritone mouthpieces – they are much more common for clarinet. LT402 Alto Saxophone LT404 Tenor Saxophone the clAssic series (MetAl) Mouthpiece kits Silver-plated Selmer (Paris) metal mouthpieces are unusually durable. Yamaha Custom Series saxophone mouthpieces are sculpted out of choice ebonite, a high-quality hard rubber which offers a deep resonance and tonal qualities similar to those of natural wood. Get the guaranteed lowest prices on Selmer Paris Saxophone Mouthpieces instruments at Musician's Friend. Selmer Paris Bb Clarinet Concept Hard Rubber Mouthpiece The Concept Clarinet model is a larger, more powerful mouthpiece. The chamber is the internal volume and shape of the mouthpiece. Barnard Instrument Repair offers for sale a quality selection of vintage and modern saxophones, mouthpieces and other instruments. CNC-engineered precision for just $159 from Hawkins and Backun. Check out our KB Sax Handcrafted Necks! He runs an experimental physics laboratory in addition to teaching, which includes acoustical physics. Concept is the latest model in our firmly established line of mouthpieces. The history of Bach starts with mouthpieces. Read More Mouthpiece Review: Selmer C85 Of the fifty or so mouthpieces in my collection, only one--a Morgan purchased in 1989--might qualify as a specifically made "jazz" mouthpiece. Shop and save on our amazing selection of Selmer Paris Saxophone Mouthpieces at The Woodwind & Brasswind. 1885- Henri Selmer begins manufacturing clarinets and mouthpieces at 4 Place Dancourt, in Paris. 7W6. Rastmusic -- exceptional custom hand-finished clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces by Fred Rast. Is it the best? Idk, depends on what you are looking for. Dec 18, 2016 · Otto Links and designs based off of them are generally the most common for the 50s/60s dark to medium/slightly bright jazz sound. It can still be found in eBay (if you trust that kind of thing). Ted Klum Mouthpieces Ishimori Mouthpieces Johannes Gerber Mouthpieces 1977 Selmer Mark VII Tenor. Upgrading Saxophone Mouthpieces. mouthpieces sound the same, and all instruments sound approximately the same. Ralph Morgan started playing clarinet and saxophone professionally at the age of 12. Nomenclature describing the physical components of clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces has always been a very uncertain and even confusing subject. Ralph retired from Selmer in 1980 as the Chief Woodwind Designer. 00 - **Usually many in stock** Hard Rubber mouthpieces, excellent quality hard rubber. I make a full line of mouthpieces, professional Eb, Bb, Bass clarinet, an advanced student mouthpiece and a custom plastic beginner mouthpiece. The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece + Reviews . This Selmer Bb Cornet is in excellent condition Silver in excellent condition, a little bit of contact wear on first and second pistons Light scratching throughout instrument One small dent in the first valve slide A few small dings in the bell flare Includes case And let me say this: I am dedicated to the soprano saxophone and soprano mouthpieces. 1926 – Airflow . The Selmer Soloist mouthpieces are some of the most interesting to play for me. I just wanted to thank you for your work on my Selmer mouthpieces. Most sax mouthpieces have a narrow “sweet spot” which doesn’t allow much tonal flexibility and dynamic range, especially in the high register. Apr 24, 2018 · Vivian, I can say with certainty that there are much better mouthpieces out there than the Selmer Golden Tone. Soon after, Vincent Bach’s mouthpieces, and later his trumpets, set the standard for excellence. With the tip opening of 1. If we assume that the brightest tone is likely to be produced using something like a small round throated vintage Selmer soloist style mouthpiece, then my own models would go in the following order of brightness to darkness. I especially liked the Oval HS*. Henri Selmer Paris - Soloist C* (Alto – Hard Rubber) In Stock: Sam Ash Huntington View All Items At This Location. The Selmer mouthpieces from B* to E all came with a medium length lay (the distance from the tip of the mouthpiece to the point where the reed meets the facing). Mar 13, 2018 · The now-discontinued (and somewhat vintage) Selmer HS** (HS double-star). This top-quality mouthpiece is milled from hard rod rubber and hand-finished to assure stability and accuracy, while simultaneously offering consistent facings. Brands include Selmer Mark VI, Selmer SBA, Conn, King Super 20, Buescher, Grafton, Yamaha and more. Select your saxophone & clarinet mouthpieces Each mouthpiece series in the SELMER Paris line corresponds to a different sound aesthetic, more or less  The new alto saxophone mouthpiece signed "Claude Delangle" This pioneering testifies to Henri SELMER Paris' ever-growing desire to improve its products. 87 : BARI (R. Although I cannot speak for the Vandoren AL3, the S80 with a C* tip opening is definitely the standard mouthpiece that can be used for beginners for both concert band and jazz band. For some years he had made reeds. Many people also like the Rico Reserve mouthpieces. $45. After months of research and study, I am proud to announce that I am now producing all my mouthpieces from my own designs. However, the S90 alto sax mouthpiece uses a “stepped” chamber. Exceptional Custom Hand - Finished Mouthpieces “ I have known Fred for the last ten years and he is definitely one of my go-to guys. Selmer Crystal (1980ish) Photos courtesy of Barb Tucker from Hauer Music. does not extend all the way into/through the rail. com the lowest prices online. MOUTHPIECES . Ted Klum Mouthpieces Selmer Air Flow Tenor B* 300. Notes from Brad Behn: This vintage Selmer clarinet mouthpiece is an HS* which I reconditioned to optimum performance. Selmer Series II Tenor. Mar 20, 2013 · Vintage Selmer Soloist Alto Mouthpiece. 42 Available for the entire range of the saxophones, the S80 has achieved an unprecedented level of popularity and is regarded as the reference mouthpiece of today. A few years ago i started buying many mouthpieces so my customers could have a large range to choose from. They are such an enigma of mouthpiece design and attributes. Suitable for Classical music, this mouthpiece has the design and acoustics to give the player that warm, defined and precise sound. Apr 01, 2015 · The Selmer Spirit comes in a classy and understated polished finish. If your search produces too many results, use the "AND" function to focus your search by putting a plus-symbol in front of one of the terms (e. Shop with confidence. Get the guaranteed lowest prices on Selmer Woodwind Mouthpieces instruments at Musician's Friend. Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more. Try jazz mouthpieces with a #2–#2 1/2 reed. Get the best deals on Selmer Saxophone Wind & Woodwind Instrument Mouthpieces when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Selmer Tenor Sax Mouthpieces at BrookMays. You have made these mpc's that I sent you so much better and it is much appreciated. 70 along with the facing length of 22. Designed by legendary Artist and Teacher Eugene Rousseau, the NC4 mouthpiece is designed with the advancing student in mind. Berg Larsen Mouthpieces. Oleg saxophone mouthpieces are especially designed for the discriminating musician who demands evenness of tone, quick response, a full dynamic range and quality craftsmanship. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! Shop for the Selmer Goldentone Saxophone Mouthpieces in Tenor and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. A century ago, trumpet player Vincent Bach began experimenting with designs and manufacturing processes to replace a broken mouthpiece. Manufacturer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Information 60 62 65 70 74 75 80 83 85 90 95 100 105 110; BARI . For example. Mouthpieces. table. * 6 tip openings available: A - A* - B - B* - C - C* * Tip opening number stamped widthwise at the bottom of . Your work is certainly terrific. Aug 03, 2015 · Join UK Saxophonist Alastair Penman as he discusses and demonstrates the Selmer S80 range of mouthpieces, paying particular attention to the popular C* and C** models. We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces and The Brass Ark, creating an exciting line of premium trombone mouthpieces. anyway, I have no idea what the tip opening of either of the mouthpiece I play is, and no idea how to find out, and so trying to make comparisons is difficult. Jun 28, 2013 · Christophe Grezes, Henri SELMER Paris Mouthpiece Product Manager, Artistic Relations, presents the CONCEPT mouthpiece. Shop New Modern Sax Mouthpieces at Saxquest! Online store features quality saxophones, clarinets, mouthpieces, reeds & accessories. MC Gregory 'Master' Model 4A 20M Bari Here at Backun we make some of the finest clarinet products in the world. Selmer Paris S-90 Soprano Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - S411: S-90 Model features a square throat design and responds easily over all registers, making it an ideal choice for classical as well as studio work. The Vandoren Optimum series of saxophone mouthpieces is designed to be more free blowing and responsive. Once you’ve selected your instrument, you can further refine your search by price Bari Woodwind manufactures mouthpieces of the highest quality achieving a unique coveted sound. If you are trying to find the mouthpiece to go well with your sax, but you are short on time, check our guide on the best alto sax mouthpieces out there. Available for the entire family of saxophones, the S80 is recognized as the mouthpiece gold standard. The table on both mouthpieces had their tip opening stamped onto it, and the top of the mouthpiece features a printed Selmer logo, "MADE IN FRANCE" and the "Spirit" model name in a handwritten font in gold. original tips near 0. Selmer C* really are the standard for great mouthpieces. A little nick in the front rail. 00 - A plastic copy or prototype to the Selmer scroll mouthpieces. Overall, The Retro Revival “Shorty” is a great alternative to the vintage Selmer scroll shank soprano mouthpiece. Quality saxophone mouthpieces from Beechler and ARB. Selmer Paris mouthpieces have been the gold standard for several generations now. Orders are generally shipped the following business day after payment is received. Bb Clarinet Reeds; Soprano Saxophone Reeds; Alto Saxophone Reeds; Tenor Saxophone Reeds; Baritone Saxophone Reeds All about mouthpieces. Reed makes good contact and seals The S-80 Series (Ebonite) Saxophone Mouthpieces Machined from hard rod rubber to assure stability, accuracy and consistent facings, these mouthpieces feature a square cross section in the chamber instead of the conventional arch. Mouthpieces Selecting a Mouthpiece. Doing this,I have now played many different makes and models,sizes and variations giving myself some experience in the large world of saxophone mouthpieces. Very warm, broad, and full toned sound. Jan 04, 2018 · In 1999 I expanded into making a line of custom mouthpieces all based on the designs and playing qualities of the old Kaspars. Warburton Music Products Google Map 2189 N. Selmer saxophone mouthpieces are crafted in a factory in France. Glad this came up in the thread. I use a D on alto but the tenor mouthpieces seem stuffy and dead in a D or smaller. I have played some on tenor that were soft, mellow and dark. Conn-Selmer, Inc. The reason is their consistency, their ease of playability, and most of all, their unsurpassed tone quality. b. THE "CP100" SERIES Barrel chamber The new “CP100” mouthpiece broadens the Bb clarinet mouthpiece range made by Selmer-Paris (Standard and C 85 series). Some people think it is better to start beginners with a mouthpiece that has a more open facing, like the first two below. Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, thus inspiring the name Bach Stradivarius. The Selmer Soloist C* is one of the most commonly used mouthpieces today for all saxophonists around the world. Phil Barone has done what no other saxophone manufacture has ever done before: make a professional-grade instrument affordable for the student level musician. Discover all the differences between Selmer mouthpieces models S80 C*, S90 170 or 190, concept and what are the best alternatives in modern mouthpieces   1885 – Selmer Paris company started manufacturing mouthpieces and reeds. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments and was formed in 2003 by combining the Steinway properties The Selmer Company and United Musical Instruments. Reminiscent of the vintage Selmer soloist mouthpieces of the middle century. Everything on this list is superior in my opinion. The process includes handworking steps, and involves automatic controls of the shape. That doesn’t mean somebody else can’t make a good soprano mouthpiece. Serial number 87946 dates this saxophone to 1960. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Caravan/Rascher mouthpieces compared to Selmer? I play the tenor saxophone and unexpectedly got placed in the top jazz band and top concert band at my high school this year. I think plastic mouthpieces are fine for beginners. Mouthpiece Express : Standard Mouthpieces. Small Ensemble Mouthpieces-- Examples: Selmer C*, Vandoren Java, most stock These mouthpieces are made out of hard rubber or plastic (hint: hard rubber is better) and can best be described as "medium": the mouthpiece's chamber is not as "fat" as a classical model, nor is it as "skinny" as a jazz model. Though this is a Selmer crystal, most of the Selmer crystal mouthpieces were manufactured by O’Brien. mouthpiece. Selmer makes sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone The Saxophone Mouthpiece (and Clarinet Mouthpiece) Tip Size, or Tip-Opening, is the distance between the reed and mouthpiece tip. Not to sound like an asshole, but C* is just a tip opening, the mouthpiece you probably are referring to is the Selmer S80. For anyone playing a Selmer Centered Tone clarinet, though, it's a good idea to have at least one of these, if only to get an idea of what the horn sounds like with its intended mouthpiece. DrakeMouthpieces. 1898- Henri's brother, Alexandre, comes to the United States to become Principal Clarinetist of the Boston Symphony. The 1400 was patterned after the famous Selmer (Paris) BT clarinet, used by such great artists as Benny Goodman. Rim shape is described for each individual model throughout the catalog. If you learn to vary your Embouchure (if you change mouthpieces), you will get the most from each individual mouthpiece and your tonal qualities per mouthpiece and instrument will vary more. Music educators across the United States recommend Goldentone Mouthpieces for their student because of their balanced response, focused tone, and accurate pitch. Th ese attributes are due to the fact that these mouthpieces are precision machined from solid stock to Vocalise Mouthpieces Complex resonance at an affordable price. I like the Brilhart family of tenor mouthpieces including the modern Ricos. 0 The long-awaited Soloist series represents a re-issue of the Selmer beaded soloist mouthpiece from the 1960s and 1970s originally released with the Mark VI saxophone line. 8 mm Mouthpiece Patches for Alto and Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet, Black Selmer combined these factors in 1948 to produce one of the first commercially successful molded clarinets–the Bundy Resonite® model 1400. You know I have a alto S80 Mouthpiece. This on in particular looks exactly like the O’Briens from the late 1970’s and early 1980s, including the brass tenon cap. Visit our website to view our Alto, Soprano, Baritone, and Tenor Mouthpiece. Ted Klum Focus Tone Tenor Mouthpiece. Item:WWSL4. As its name implies the mouthpiece is the part of a single-reed woodwind instrument that comes into contact with the player's mouth. The comrehensive range of tip openings, tone chambers, and facing length available from Berg Larsen has become legendary in the woodwind world and is unmatched for its ability to satisfy the needs of every saxophone player. There are so many brands and designs available to the consumer that it can be very difficult to find the right alto sax mouthpiece. Serial number 48435 dates this saxophone to 1952. This tenor sax mouthpiece gives you accurate articulation and total control at all dynamic Choose Options Get the best deal for Selmer Wind & Woodwind Instrument Mouthpieces from the largest online selection at eBay. 3,500. It has a dark tone that is quite warm sounding. We also have new, vintage and used clarinets and clarinet mouthpieces, reeds and accessories. It is an inexpensive student mouthpiece similar to the Yamaha 4C, but not as consistent I’d say. facing these mouthpieces to within 4/10,000 " of H. Founded in 1885, it is known as a producer of professional-grade woodwind and brass instruments, especially saxophones, clarinets and trumpets. About Woodwind Mouthpieces. C. Selmer Crystal Clarion. 2. Mouthpieces INSTRUMENTS Saxophone Clarinet INSTRUMENT MODEL B-flat Clarinet E-flat Clarinet B-flat Clarinet A Clarinet E-flat Alto Clarinet F Basset Horn Clarinet B-flat Bass Clarinet E-flat Contralto Clarinet B-flat Contrabass Clarinet E-flat Sopranino Saxophone B-flat Soprano Saxophone E-flat Alto Saxophone B-flat Tenor Saxophone E-flat Bach trumpet, cornet and fluegelhorn mouthpieces have been numbered in an orderly progression from the largest to the smallest diameters and from the deepest to the most shallow cup, each with a choice of rim designs. 065-069". netcom. 00 Mouthpieces + Ligatures. A huge problem that I've been realizing recently is that my current mouthpiece seems to have intonation issues, and also just isn't as great as I thought it is. * New ultra precision machinery ( Roto-Lap) were used for . Nicely done older relacquer finish is around 95%. 101 East Main st bldg #5, Ste 4 Little Falls NJ 07424 (973) 890-8755 Selmer S-80 C* Selmer S-80 "D" New Selmer S80 "E" Selmer S-80 "H" Selmer Super Session "D" Selmer Soloist Shortshank "E" Vandoren V16 A6S Vandoren V16 A7S Vandoren Jumbo Java Sax A55 Vandoren Java A55 Vito Torpedo Title X. I’ve played others that were incredibly bright and powerful. One important thing to be aware of is that the response you get from any two saxophone mouthpieces with the same tip opening can vary enormously. Ask About Free Shipping! New York, NY based Phil Barone Saxophones, Mouthpieces, and Necks have helped thousands of musicians around the world play better almost instantly. This B flat clarinet mouthpiece is an excellent tool for your instrument because of its balanced response, focused tone, and accurate pitch that would allow young musicians to employ the proper approach to embouchure formation and air support. Mouthpiece For alto saxophone, Caoutchouc, Easy response, Great sound volume, Square chamber, Tip opening narrow-medium KB Saxophone Services - NYC professional saxophone repair, restoration, buys and sells vintage and modern sax, saxophone necks and mouthpieces. Soprano Bb &C Saxophone Mouthpieces Sopranino Saxophone. 0 (3 reviews) Selmer S80 Selmer Paris Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (Assorted Sizes) 5. Open quick view dialog for Selmer Paris S80 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Selmer Paris S80 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Mouthpiece feature a square cross section in the chamber instead of the conventional arch. is an American manufacturer of musical instruments for concert bands, marching bands and orchestras. US Highway 1 - Titusville, FL 32796 Toll Free in USA: (800) 638-1950 Local and Worldwide: (407) 366-1991 Fax: (208) 246-3410 This line of mouthpieces is designed for the traditional classical French sound. We believe the mouthpiece is very important as it is the direct link between the player and the instrument. Rousseau Saxophone Mouthpieces Rousseau Saxophone Mouthpieces - Conn-Selmer, Inc. New, vintage and used saxophones and mouthpieces, reeds and accessories for sale. Drake Mouthpieces. iReedMan's Retro Revival Saxophone Mouthpieces! Amazing Vintage Replica's brought back to life for all Saxophone Players to Enjoy! Owners Joel C. * The last French made Selmer ebonite large chamber design. The top line of each chart describes the opening in thousandths of an inch. The shank has two inset bands but otherwise no marking of any kind. The Selmer “Soloist” short shank hard rubber models came in sizes from B* to H. For hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces like Meyer Bros, Selmer Soloist, Vandoren Jumbo Java and all Brilharts. Here is a list of good, inexpensive mouthpieces for less advance players. specifications. Buy Selmer S-80 C* Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone (S402C1): Alto Sax - Amazon. Vintage Selmer Soloist Alto Mouthpiece. They are terrific. I have seen various players play on mouthpieces such as: Selmer C*’s, Vandoren V-16, Ted Klum Classic, Bari, Otto link, and Soprano Plant to name a few. His Father was Chief Woodwind Designer at the Conn Company. Great for the money. Selmer S-80 C* Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone (S402C1) is another name of the standard quality of all the mouthpieces in the market. Produced using cutting-edge, 21st-century technologies, they were designed using CAD software and SOLD Small tip opening, large chamber. Ebonite (hard rubber) is the preferred material for classical mouthpieces. org - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Shop online for Woodwind Mouthpieces at Music123 - most orders are eligible for free shipping. Selmer Paris S80 C* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece S402C1 Model# S402c1. Alto Sax Mouthpieces. Located in Mantes-la-Ville for more than a century, the Henri SELMER Paris workshops remain the only ones in the world to manufacture, in addition to the mouthpieces, the entire family of saxophones (from sopranino to bass saxophone) and clarinets (from small bb clarinet to the contrabass). 400. 77 . Search Search our mouthpiece matrix for available combinations of flugel rims and cups. There are quite a few mouthpiece comparison charts out there, but most are not very user-friendly so I created this one based on some of the most popular tenor mouthpieces used by saxophone players today. Selmer Paris S80 Alto Sax Mouthpiece The D'Addario Select Jazz Marble Mouthpiece captures the feel and tone of legendary mouthpieces from Saxophone. 1. Good for legit, concert band, or orchestra work. Clark W Fobes, clarinet mouthpieces, clarinet reeds, Leuthner reeds, Pilgerstorfer reeds, Ishimori ligatures, clarinet barrels, bass clarinet ©2007 N i c o l a s Trefeil saxophones becs mouthpieces vintage nicolastrefeil bec facing mouthpiece refacing refaçage refacage Otto link Brilhart Woodwind Co Vandoren mpc rectification Buffet Meyer Selmer Conn Buescher Martin King Keilwerth Couesnon sax Tarn Haute Garonne Aude Gers Aveyron Herault Midi Pyrenées Languedoc Rousillon France reparation retamponnage reglage instrument de musique . The chamber. Wooden mouthpieces are somewhat rare as well, and can sound great, but may be hard to keep in shape and may be expensive. 12151. Following in the footsteps of the successful alto and soprano Concept mouthpieces, Selmer have now produced the tenor version. LT mouthpieces feature a round throat and chamber and are offered with close tip opening and long facing only. Thanks again for your terrific work. This number is usually on the side of the mouthpiece body, or on the table. Jul 27, 2017 · However, the main reason the Selmer engineers made the switch from metal to nylon was the nylon resonator was 1/6th the weight of the metal resonator (Ralph said a particular fraction and I do not remember what it was, but I believe he said 1/6th) By having a lighter resonator, the overall weight of the key cup, pad, adhesive, and resonator is reduced. Selmer mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics. Most Selmer mouthpieces called "special" were made for the old Selmer recievers that were in use before the K-mod. If you are looking for a special saxophone mouthpiece made from the finest materials by one of the oldest mouthpiece companies in the world, consider ours. Jan 02, 2014 · Widely considered among the finest Selmer made, "HS*Oval" mouthpieces from the 1950s are getting more difficult to acquire. Selmer S80 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece $194. Selmer’s S80 series are an excellent line of hard rubber mouthpieces. While browsing for-sale ads, I saw many vintage Selmer Soloist mouthpieces selling for very high prices (several times higher than new Selmer money uthpieces). This allows the student to use a softer reed and still get a nice, round sound. ) Find great deals on eBay for mouthpiece selmer and selmer mouthpiece clarinet. 82. We have thoroughly examined the quality of the most popular items in this category and we found that the Yamah Selmer Paris S90 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece New Facing Designs! Based around the popular S80 mouthpiece, the S90 alto sax mouthpiece uses a similar design and concept with it’s key difference being the chamber. Mouthpiece Nomenclature. black and clean with the script faded/scratched, minor scratches on tooth zone. TM carries Vandoren, D'addario, Selmer, Otto Link, Meyer, Gottsu, and many other clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces! Get to Know Tenor Madness Better. That’s all I do and I know more than anybody else about soprano mouthpieces. Race . Designed for more projection and volume while maintaining control. 00, it provides you an excellent response from the instrument and helps to improve the sound a lot. A wide range of mouthpieces Shop Vintage Sax Mouthpieces at Saxquest! Online store features quality saxophones, clarinets, mouthpieces, reeds & accessories. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin Post Code, destination Post Code and time of acceptance and will depend on postage service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. I am a newbie to the saxophone, still looking for my first instrument. The contemporary version also produces an amazingly full and sweet tone. Mar 17, 2009 · Hi, folks Saxnflutman, the Vandoren A35 is slightly more open than the Selmer E mouthpiece. Tenor Sax Mouthpieces BARIWoodwinds Hybrid 8 Brilhart Ebolin 5 & 5* Brilhart "Carlsbad" Ebolin Brilhart "Great Neck $85-105. The only complaint that people have is that it's a bit characterless. Learn Click here to learn about the different options available for Bob Reeves flugelhorn mouthpieces. com was posted Klarinet in August 1996. The Henri Selmer Paris S80 mouthpieces for the saxophone family is a popular series enjoyed by players all over the world. Selmer 7711-3 Goldentone #3 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece. Saxophone. Peskin, Bob Sheppard. Overall, very good condition. com - "A Movement In Handcrafted Performance" Dedicated to a tradition of handcrafting saxophone Selmer S80 series. This ligature is a true reproduction of the Brilhart 3-Band Ligature: from the alloy of brass to the feel of the screws, it is exactly the same as the vintage Brilhart ligature. selmer mouthpieces

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